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What We Do and How We Make a Difference


The House of Grace has operates a Domestic Violence Shelter for over 20 years in North Mississippi. We are a faith based organization that provides services to clients who are victims of domestic, family and dating violence without regard to age, creed, sex, race, color, veteran status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or national origin.

Clients receive confidential support and counseling with tools to equip them with the knowledge and necessary skills so they again feel they have to endure abuse.  All of the services are free and strictly confidential. In addition to supports services and resources, the House of Grace sees the prevention component as equally important in the area of domestic, family and dating violence.


Over the years of operation House of Grace has received funding from Family Violence Prevention and Service Act, Domestic Violence Prevention and Service Act, Victims of Crime Act, and Violence Against Women Act. The funding is used to support both the core and supportive services (in compliance with applicable State law) offered through the Shelter for victims as a temporary refuge.

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What We Do and How We Make a Difference: Welcome
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